This page contains guidelines for authors submitting their manuscripts to the journal. If you are looking for guidelines concerning the paper format only, click here.

Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to JSPM go through a process. Please read the process carefully here.


Papers in English are acceptable (UK and USA are both acceptable, but not a mix of these).

Acceptable Formats

Initial manuscript submission:  MS Word (.doc, .docx), Open Office (.odt), .rtf.

Accepted papers: PDF, LaTex. 


Use single column layout.

Sections of the Manuscript

The manuscript should generally have the following sections:

  • Abstract (should have these headings; Problem Statement, Methodology, Results, Originality/Value, Keywords)
  • Introduction/Background
  • Literature Review
  • Research Design/Method(s)
  • Results
  • Analysis/Conclusion/Implications
  • References. 

Author(s) may add, rename or reduce the sections as long as it is logically justified.

Referencing & Citation

Only APA style of referencing and citation is acceptable. Examples:

Journal Articles Oguisso, T. (1999). Professional nursing in Brazil. International Nursing Review, 43, 81-94.
Miles, M.B. and Huberman, A.M. (1994), Qualitative Data Analysis: An Expanded Source-book, Sage Publications, London.
Edited Book
Miller, J., & Smith, T. (Eds.). (1996). Cape Cod stories: Tales from Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books.
(For a single editor use Ed) 
Crow, G. K. (1988). Toward a theory of therapeutic syncretism: The Southeast Asian experience: A study of the Cambodians' use of traditional and cosmopolitan health systems. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Utah, 1988).
Newspaper Articles
Brown, P. L. (1999, September 5). Tiffany glass and other tales from the crypt. The New York Times, pp. 1, 5. 
Online Newspaper
Foreman, J. (2003, August 12). Allston gothic. The Boston Globe. Retrieved from
  Sea Turtle Restoration Project. (2006). Threats to sea turtles. Retrieved from on 24 April 2006. Website

Fonts, Font Sizes and Formatting

Acceptable Fonts: Courier, Arial, Times New Roman or Symbol in Black color.

Acceptable Font Sizes:

Title 14 Points, Bold 
Authors' Names  & Affiliations  11 Points
Section Headings
12 Points, Bold, Upper Case
Abstract 10 Points, Italic 
Keywords 10 Points, Bold, Italic 
Text 11 Points 
 Sub-Section Headings 11 Points, Bold 
 Figures/Tables Titles 11 Points, Bold 


Do not use symbols within word editors. Instead use specialist programs such as MathType.


Leave 1” space on all sides. Do not use hanging indents in the manuscript except in referencing, as required by the APA format.


Wherever possible, use native tools in word editors to create figures and supply ‘as is’ in native format. If it is essential to supply in rastered formats, prefer .JPG and please use a minimum resolution of 1000 dpi. Number figures as they appear in the manuscript.


Number tables consecutively as they appear in the manuscript. Information in tables should not be a repeat of anything already mentioned in manuscript. 

Length of Paper

Submitted papers are to be between 6000 and 8000 words. Authors may claim exceptions if considered essentially required.

Corresponding Author & Sources of Funding

Corresponding author and sources of funding or research (if any) must be identified within the manuscript with a footnote. E-mail and postal address of the corresponding author is to be given in the footnote.

Copy Rights

Upon acceptance of paper, authors will be asked to submit a ‘Journal Publishing Agreement’. Authors will retain rights to use their published papers except for commercial use, including non-commercial use by their employing organizations.

Conflict of Interest

Authors must declare any conflict of interest in the e-mail through which the manuscript is submitted. Conflicts of interests can arise of many situations, for example, but not limited to:

  • Any of the author(s) or co-authors being on the editorial board or management of JSPM. (Declaration by the author will help us in forwarding the paper to appropriate board members for peer review.)
  • Author(s) or co-authors being owners/employees/stakeholders/shareholders etc of firms/organizations/businesses etc on whom the research reported in the submitted manuscript is conducted. 

Originality, Plagiarism and Non-published work

Submission of paper for publications in this journal implies an express understanding and agreement by the author that:

The submitted paper is his/her own original work.

The submitted paper does not contain plagiarism and is below 15% in similarity index. 

The submitted paper has not been published elsewhere previously and is not under consideration/review for publication at any other place.


Authors may forward any other questions related to their manuscript submissions