Volume 5, Issue 2, Pp. 43-83. Published on 1 April 2017.

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Title:  Pursuing Social Mission as part of a deliberate and managed Strategy - Social Performance Management in Co-operatives
Authors: Kinyuira Daniel K.
Article Type: Research Article.
CitationKinyuira, D.K. (2017). Pursuing social mission as part of a deliberate and managed strategy - Social Performance Management in Co-operatives, Journal of Strategy and Performance Management, 5(2), 46-64.
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 Title:  Examining the role of Leadership of Portfolio Managers in Project Performance.
Author: M Owais Munir, Rabia Furqan, Saba Shahzad and Abdul Basir
Article Type: Research Article.
Citation: Munir, M.O., Furqan, R., Shahzad, S and Basir, A, (2017). Examining the role of leadership of portfolio managers in project performance,  Journal of Strategy and Performance Management, 5(2), 65-82.

Call for Papers - July 2017 Issue.

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