Manuscripts submitted to JSPM go through a 4-Step process defined below. The entire process can take from 6 weeks to more than an year, depending upon several factors.
Step 1: 
After the corresponding author sends manuscripts to, a member of editorial team acknowledges the receipt via return mail.
Step 2: 
Editorial team reviews the paper initially, trying to answer the following 12 questions:
  • Is the paper interesting for potential readers?
  • Is the paper relevant to JSPM coverage areas?
  • Is the work original?
  • Does it have sufficient secondary and primary research?
  • Is it Well Organized?
  • Is it clear and error free?
  • Are the conclusions supported by secondary research and results?
  • Is the English satisfactory?
  • Is the title appropriate?
  • Does the abstract give enough and interesting information?
  • Are the figures/tables/illustrations adequate?
  • Is the referencing adequate?
Within 7 working days of receipt, editorial team decides, based upon editorial review, whether to:
CATEGORY A MANUSCRIPTS Send the manuscript for peer review to 02 member of review board; generally, reviewers can take between 3 to 14 weeks to review a manuscript, depending on a wide range of factors. 
CATEGORY B MANUSCRIPTS Write back to the author, informing him/her about the answers to above questions and requesting a re-submission by a given date;
Generally, manuscripts fall in above categories by following percentages:
< 5% 
~ 10% 
 > 85%

Step 3: 

Category A: manuscript authors will be informed of the outcome. Once the review is received back by editorial team, the corresponding author will be informed of the required changes. Authors will be required to enter into a publishing agreement before these changes are conveyed to them. Authors will be asked to resubmit the manuscript after incorporating the changes with a certain time ranging from 1 week to more than an year; depending upon quantum of changes.
Category B: The process is same as Category A except that the authors will be asked to make initial amends in their manuscripts, as advised by the editorial board, before the manuscript is sent for peer review.
Category C: No further action.
Step 4:
Once the improved manuscript is received, paper will be published in the upcoming and available Volume/Issue. Currently, JSPM publication policy is of subscription-based issues, whereby authors' work may not be freely available to public.